martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014


I'm sharing an activity I created for C1 students to review the use of inversions. We were talking about science and technology and after some heavy classes, I wanted to review grammar in a softer way. I decided to use the song"The scientist" by Coldplay.

Here's what I did.

Activity 1: Once they had the whole lyrics, they had to relate a part of it to the inversions they had below.

Activity 2: Then they discussed in pairs up to what extent they agreed with the singer's opinion, and came up with their own ideas.

NB: When presenting their reflection, they had to use at least an inversion per idea developed.

Finally, they watched two segments from The Simpsons discussed the concepts they thought were being conveyed there. Again, they had to use the structure at least once to explain their points.

To conclude: they role-played different parts in this activity I downloaded from

Here's the worksheet.

See you around,

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