viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

Personality types

I'm sharing an activity I developed to work on personality types and synonyms with teenagers
in a B2 level. Since I knew it would be appealing to them, I used the movie "Divergent" and although the task was challenging, their being acquainted with the story helped consideably. After looking up some words in the dictionary and discussing the different profile a person in each faction should have, they had no problems whatsoever categorizing many different words which weren't familiar to them. I'll show you how I did it.

As a warm up: Each student chose 3 adjectives that they would use to describe themselves. Then, they assigned 3 adjectives to the rest of the people in the class. After that, each of them read the adjectives he had chosen for one of their partners for the rest to guess who this person was. Then they checked similarities in their choice with the rest of the class and with the person described.

NB: Performed with respect, this can be a great self-image activity.

Activity 1: I pointed out that we are a lot more than three words and have them listen to this song to show them my point. They were expected to write as many adjectives as they could get. I stopped in every stanza.

Activity 2: They watched the movie trailer and checked whether the statements were true or false. Afterwards, we checked which exact word they had used to express those ideas.

Closure: Students classified the words given into the 5 factions shown in the movie.

As a follow up: They had to write a movie review trying to be as descriptive as possible using these sites as reference:

Here's the worksheet.

Would you use it with your students?

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