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Too and Enough

In this activity, students will be asked to analyze pros and cons by using too and enough. This activity was developed for intermediate level. We were talking about Governors, elections and this was the unit's grammar point.

There are two possibilities for implementing this activity depending on the students' skills. You can do it as displayed here, or just give them the quotations for them to come up with the sentences by themselves.

I designed this activity for class implementation. Since I generally have them watch for general information the first time, I would probably ask them something like this:

How would you define this man? Here you have some words that can help:

intolerant - pushy - funny - disrespectful - annoying - quiet - extravagant - sharp tongue - impulsive - creative - capable - confident

As they watch it for the second time, I would go a little deeper and ask them some questions as follows:

What analogy does he use to define politicians?
What kind of news does he work with?
How does he treat the press?
Who does he mention for secretary of the state?

After that, I would probably implement the grammar activity. It's always advisable to go from general facts to details, so that the activity flows smoothly and students get the most of the input and the content.

As a follow up:

Watch the following movie segment. Describe what you see using too and enough. 

Share your opinions here:

They could even go deeper and role play a similar situation.

Three people in the class will be candidates to mayor and the rest will present their concerns. Candidates will prepare their speeches, and the citizens their demands. Role play the situation. Then vote who the new mayor is.

This can be implemented in a forum, in a google hangout, in class, etc.

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  1. Each grammatical rule is explained in plain English with several examples, and when needed, counter-examples.

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