jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Third conditional

This is great movie to speculate about the past for both young learners or adults. After having introduced the structure, you can  use this task as a first instance of practice.
Having practiced and gotten the grasp of this structure, students can watch a movie segment or read a passage where the person regrets having done something or how things happened. This is a great segment from the movie Benjamin Button and it is really useful for this structure. I want to mention that after working a couple of years with the segment,  I  found a similar activity in Claudio Acevedo's blog which is fantastic! He developed a worksheet to work on the inversion of the third conditional; which is absolutely worthwhile.

Here's the segment:

Students can discuss how things would have been different in a forum, in class, write a paragraph about destiny using the structure, etc.

As a follow up, they could listen to a couple of songs and discuss how these people's life would have been different....

Example: I will survive

I took this from, a great website for students to work on listening skills and spelling through songs.

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