sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2016

100.000 visits!

Hi everyone,

Wow! It's quite a number. This blog started as a course final project and it has exceeded my
expectations. It's really rewarding to read nice words from people all over the world about the materials, the tips, the ideas.

Somebody once asked me "why do you take so much time to make an effort and give away your work?". Because I believe in collaboration was my answer. I believe that we have the tools so as to work in a more collaborative fashion, and that way, enrich our practices and come up with better ideas. I have to add now, that it's worth it.

I'm sharing today a couple of activities to talk about culture shocks, perceptions, paradigms, methodology, ideals and or tradition and if you will, the very foundation of our teaching practices. Having recently talked about 21st century education, I decided to use two movies which take place in the educational context.

I hope you find it useful and as always, I await your feedback.

After generating ideas to defend one position or the other, have student's watch the following trailer and role play a discussion between the school authorities and Miss Watson.

Here's the worksheet

Stay tuned,

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