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Hey everyone!

I'm sharing an activity I developed to talk about marketing, the concepts we sometimes have about certain brands and how they are constructed. I found a great scene from the movie "What women want" which shows two people working on a famous brand's image and I used it to revise the use of tag questions and discourse markers. Throughout this lesson, students will identify and apply this useful structures.

I hope you find it useful.

Warm up:

What features do you associate to the following brands?
Why do you think this happens?
What do you take into consideration for choosing a brand over another?

Activities 1 and 2: Identification

Activity 3: Practice

Here's the video (play the first activity until the last phrase, stop it there and play the rest for activity 3).

Role playing

Role play the situation using the words from the box:

I mean
You know
Wouldn’t it?
Didn’t you?
Isn’t there?
Don’t you?

Student A:  You have just found out that your reputation may be affecting your profits and as a consequence you agreed to work on your image, in order to change this situation. You try to be flexible and cooperative although deep inside you believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Student B: You are thrilled to hear that Mr. Burns has finally decided to be a better person, at least, to other people’s eyes. Explain him how important is to treat the employees humanely, to reduce the impact they have on the environment and to contribute to the community.

Here's the worksheet.

As always, I await your comments.

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