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Here's an alternative to the activity I shared on daily routines, in order to introduce or practice the use of before and after. Kids love it and since they already know lots about this green lad, they are presented with a great oportunity to learn vocabulary in a meaningful way.

Warm up: Answer the questions.

What do you know about Shrek?
What’s his color?
What does he like to do?
What time does he get up?
Does he have friends? Who are they?

Activity 1: True or false (circle the correct answer):

He gets up                                                TRUE                   FALSE

He combs his hair                                     TRUE                   FALSE

He gets dressed                                         TRUE                   FALSE

He eats breakfast                                       TRUE                   FALSE

He takes a shower                                      TRUE                   FALSE

He goes to school                                       TRUE                   FALSE

He brushes his teeth                                   TRUE                   FALSE

He swims                                                    TRUE                   FALSE

He plays with his friends                             TRUE                   FALSE

He paints                                                     TRUE                   FALSE

He eats dinner                                             TRUE                    FALSE

Activity 2: Complete the sentences using before or after:

He brushes his teeth _______________ he gets up.

He gets up _________________ he brushes his teeth.

He takes a shower _______________ he brushes his teeth.

He brushes his teeth ________________ he takes a shower.

He paints ________________ he eats dinner.

He eats dinner ________________ he paints.

Follow up: Student's could go to Glogster and create a poster showing their own routine, applying what they saw in class. An alternative could be to go to educreations, choose pictures and narrate their daily routines.

Can you think of any other way of applying any other resource?

Here's the worksheet.

See you around,

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