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Horrible bosses

I'm sharing a lesson I created for adult students to work on the difference between the present perfect and the simple past in the context of work. Throughout this class, ss will identify the structures, understand their use and recognize it, classify it and finally, put it into practice in a practical way.

Warm up: Take a look at the picture. What's probably happening? What grammar point do they use to express their ideas? Why? How are they formed?

Activity 2: Take a look at this presentation and classify the expressions in finished time (simple past) or unfinished time (present perfect).

Activity 3: Watch the movie and choose the correct alternative.


Activity 4 (optional): Choose one of the three situations and describe what the problem is.

Closure: They didn't actually kill their bosses; however, they got them to resign and as a consequence, there are three vacancies. Decide on one of the positions and send a letter following the model below. Here are some examples to apply the use of present perfect and simple past.

 Present Perfect
Simple Past 
I have....all my life
I have had many jobs
I have taken many courses along my life...
I graduated...
I started working...
I left my last job because...

Here's a model that can help you write your letter.  

Dear (Mr./MS.) _____________,

               Identify the position for which you are applying, tell how you heard about the opening (newspaper, contact person, etc.), and explain why you are writing (would you like to be considered for the position? has your academic and / or employment background prepared you for this position?).

               Present your qualifications for the job. These qualilifications will probably be a combination of your education and your work experience. Show how each of these has prepared you for the field that you want to enter. You might want to mention current or previous employment, specific courses that you took, aspects of jobs or internships that you had and so on. Finally, make reference to your enclosed resume.

               You may wish to reiterate your interest in the position. Indicate your willingness to come in for an interview. Include your phone number and the best time to call you. Finally, close with a positive statement.


(Sign your name)

Your typed name

Here's a worksheet you may use.

How would you implement technology in this lesson?


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