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Participle Clauses

This activity was created to work on understanding, grammar and speaking in the context of health. This is a great and thought-provoking scene where Dr. Adams is defending his philosophy which will definitely trigger a juicy discussion.

True or false?

1. The man who was sitting in the middle wasn’t satisfied by Doctor Adam’s answers.

2. Any person who was treated in the ranch was both a patient and a doctor.

3. Because you help someone else, you are a doctor.

4. Because of the audience’s reaction, we can notice their sympathy with the doctor.

5. Since he felt confident, he went on with the development of his argument.

6. He could treat the patients because he didn’t feel more than a trusted friend.

7. As he wasn’t afraid of death, he could speak about it openly.

8. The people in the audience agreed with him after they had listened to what he had to say.

9. If you treat a person and not a disease, you win no matter what the outcome.

10. After he explained his point, he felt relieved.

Re-write these sentences using participle and adverbial clauses:

Ex:  The man sitting in the middle wasn’t satisfied by Doctor Adam’s answers.


As a follow up, students could be asked to debate on whether this is a good or bad  approach.

This is a debate developed by Paola Vilardo:

"Laughter, a new approach to medicine"

Part I

GROUP A: Brainstorm all the reasons why this is not a good idea and we should stick to the classic approach to medicine.
GROUP B: Brainstorm all the reasons why we should be incorporating this new approach to medicine..
With your group, also think of COUNTER-ARGUMENTS (arguments for the other side).  Take notes.  

Part II
Present your argument to a member of the other group.  Debate this issue!
Your GOAL is to convince the other person to agree with you!

Whenever possible, include the expressions below:

Not having been tested,….
Having heard your point…
After listening to you…
Not being qualified,…
Having visited several hospitals,…
Resorting to common sense, we can…

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