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Paired Conjunctions

This is an activity developed to practice the use of paired conjunctions. The procedure would be the following: students first get a general idea of the movie plot, so that later they can use this information to complete the activity by simply focusing on grammar use. I chose this movie because we were talking about everyday annoyances.

Answer the questions:

How would you define Bill Foster at first? After?
Why do you think this happens to him?
Is it possible for someone to react this way?
Do you remember anyone having reacted in a similar way?

Fill in the blanks

I’m _________ trying to _________ home it’s my _________ girl’s birthday. If everybody stays out
of my way, _________ nobody will _________ _________.
So we’ve got a nut case with a _________  _________ of guns, he’s in Hollywood right now and
he’s _________ west.
I don’t know if you _________ or not,  but there’s other _________ waiting to use the _________
If you hold up _________ this guy, _________ _________.
It’s _________  of _________.
In America we’ve got the _________ of _________. The _________ to _________.
What are you _________ with the _________.
We are _________ it, what the hell _________ it look _________?
I don’t _________ anything’s _________ with the street. I think you’re _________ trying to
_________ your inflated _________.

Complete the sentences using:

Both (…) and / Either (…) or / Neither (…) nor / Not only (…) but also

_________ did the homeless ask him for money, _________ for his address.
_________ attacking people _________ being violent was in his plans.
He was _________ crazy _________ too angry.
He is _________ furious _________ violent.
_________ will he get home on time, _________ he will end up in jail.
_________ the people _________ the police are scared of him.
He _________ goes to jail _________ gets killed.

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