miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015


Hey everyone!

It's been almost a month since my last post and yet, the blog has reached the 21.000 visits. This means more than 3000 visits this last month! I am astonished by this number and I am very happy to see people are interested and they find the blog useful; as I've said many times, it is one of my main objectives. I foresee, however, a hectic year and probably the number of posts won't be as regular as last year. Anyway, I will try to find some room to share new materials :).

Today, I'm sharing a very simple activity for students to work with the use of number. It is a scene from the movie "Hotel Transylvania" which can be used with A1/ A2 students and although it is pretty dynamic, it is quite clear as well. Animated movies are great and, most of the times, there are scenes for basic students to understand and enjoy. I hope your students enjoy this one as much as mine did.

Here's the worksheet and here's the video:

Stay tuned!

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