martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

Traffic rules

Hey everyone,

The year is finishing and so it's the blog's activity; I'm sharing the second last activity for this year. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and the many many visits you paid the blog this year. I look forward to getting more feedback and reaching more teachers in order to share, discuss and make this experience even more enriching.

This is a lesson I created and used with my A2 students to talk about rules. Throughout these activities students will recognize and differentiate the use of can, can't, have to and be allowed to, classify and apply them. It was a very meaningful lesson for my students; I hope it can be useful to yours as well.

As a follow up, students could go to glogster and create a poster with the traffic rules (or any other kind of rules) in their community, or the most important to them.

What do you think? 

Here's the worksheet

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  2. Thanks for the supportive comments Steve!