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Relative Clauses

I'm sharing a couple of simple activities I created to introduce, review and/or assess the use of relative pronouns and adverbs with B1 students. After they had revised and applied the structure, I had them work with some songs for them to link the structure to something popular. Here's how I did it.

Warm up: to introduce the grammar, I gave them some nouns (related to the unit we were working on) for them to come up with a definition. In groups, they defined the items using their own words, and then they presented their ideas for their partners to guess the concepts.

Activity 1: Whenever a student used a sentences containing a relative pronoun or adverb, I wrote it on the board.

NB: If this doesn't occur, write a definition yourself or reshape on of theirs.

Grammar discovery: Students and teacher write the grammar rules or explanation on the board.

Activity 2: Any sort of practice. Perhaps, if they are starting to work with the structure, they could use a game like these so that they work in groups. After that, they could work individually on any worksheet or text book exercise.

Activity 3: Application. Have one student sit with his/her back to the screen. The rest will see the slides on this presentation, and will define the image which appears on the screen. Do not accept any answer without the use of a relative clause.

You may write on the board:

It's a person who...
It's an actor who...
It's a thing which...
It's an item that...

NB: Point out that this is a way in which they can communicate concepts they do not know or remeber. They could hone their speaking through the acquisition of this strategy whenever they get stuck.

Closure: Music time! 

Here you have the presentation, the worksheet and the audio.

What do you think about the lesson?

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  1. Hi Claudio, there is no link to the audio! Could you please provide it? Thank you so much!!